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1.R5 Water type for plants

   Makes the seeds to sprout faster, the rice is complete. Root systems, long roots, thick leaves, hard flowers The seeds do not fall easily fall, increase the weight of rice, resulting in good quality rice. No needle Immune root rot disease. Helps to balance the soil, suitable for growing rice.

    Help build a root system with a large number of roots. When the roots are very good for plants to absorb food well. Branches and poles are sticky and sticky, resulting in more disease-free plants and insects, without the use of leaves to create immunity, rot, rot, rot, help to balance the soil, suitable for growing crops.

    Add enough nutrients to the growth of rubber trees. Strong trunk, dark green, solved the problem of rubber face. Accelerate and boost the immune system, stimulate disease and insect defense. Helps to balance the soil more soluble than ever to make it suitable for planting rubber.

Add enough nutrients to grow the palm oil, making the trunk strong. Add food mix to flower and fruit. Make it grow faster. Big and always effective Oil is polar, polar, sticky effect, helps balance the soil, suitable for oil palm plantation.

2.R5 Water types for animals and deodorants and wastewater treatment

   R5 aquarium formulates natural immunity against various diseases, making it healthy. Helps to balance the minerals. Helps to absorb nutrients effectively. It is hard to grasp the articular system, the legs are not tender, the exchange rate is high, the eggs are of good quality, the shell is thick, the egg yolk is red.

    R5 Animal formula helps to make the system rhythmic, weak legs help build a complete digestive system. Add more milk quantity, quality Accelerate texture and texture. Helps balance of minerals in the body. It will make the body healthy and help to make the disease so well that it makes the animal stronger.

 R5 Hi-Waste4 It is a waste deodorizing product. And used for the treatment of rotten water or waste water. This is the pollution and pollution of big cities like Bangkok, as it is now. Every canal in Bangkok Water is rotten Cause is from the public, let the water down.

3.R5 Tablets for fruits and vegetables

  • Just enough nutrients to grow on the growth of rice.

  • Root of rice Long and strong roots

  • Green leaves strong trunk.

  • Nourish the grain to make the whole kernel

  • Increase weight, increase yield per acre.

  • Prevent rot disease root rot.

  • Improves soil condition.

  • Add nutrients to the growth of vegetables, fruits, horticulture and crops.

  •  Accelerate the acceleration, acceleration, color, weight gain.

  • Higher yields.

  •  Accelerate the leaves to dark green. Branches and leaves sticky

  •  Increases the strength of the poles and poles, preventing the fall.

  •  Prevent rot disease root rot.

  •  Improves soil condition.

  • Add nutrients to the growth of rubber trees.

  •  Make the rubber stems strong. Dark green leaves

  • It stimulates the work within the rubber tree to complete.

  • Accelerate and increase the production of rubber for higher yields.

  •  Make a soft rubber. Solve the problem of dead rubber.

  •  Prevent rot disease root rot.

  • Add nutrients to the abundance of oil palm plant growth.

  •  Help build strength of the trunk.

  •  The leaves are large and green.

  •  Help to flower out. Fast results, great results and consistent results.

  •  Make the poles and poles sticky. Prevent fall

  •  Make a big oil palm

4.R5 Biological substances eliminate worms and insects.

R5 BR2 It is a non-toxic bio-pesticide, a pest of brown planthopper. Leafhopper, thrips, red mite, white bug, and some butterflies in fruits and vegetables. The beaver R5-BR2 will penetrate into the body of the insect and the worm will grow faster and destroy the internal organs. Pest kill in 3-5 days.

 R5 BS2(Basilis subtilis) is a non-toxic biological substance used for the eradication of plant diseases, such as root rot, rot disease, rot and rotifer, dry leaf disease, anthrax, leaf spot disease or cicatium. Jerker It is a disease caused by bacteria to destroy the wound of plants. Especially during windy and rain. Make the plant wound

R5 BOMB The spores of the R5 bomb will build a tube into the lumen of the worm. R5 bobram will grow rapidly and destroy the internal organs of the worm. The worm will die within 3-5 days, which will see the green spores cover the worm. R5 bob is suitable for killing caterpillars and caterpillars of all kinds in vegetables.

R5 TR1  Trichoderma is a fungus that can prevent and eliminate or control fungal pathogens that cause many plant pathogens. For example, rot disease, root rot disease, rot disease, R5 TR1 are highly effective in the prevention and eradication of fungal pathogens that cause rot, rot, rot, or rotting root rot, such as durian.

6.R5 Biological substances, pesticides and soil amendments and degraded soils.

Soil remediation and degraded soils.


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