1.Subscribe to buy only Do not want to do business You will get a discount on all kinds of products such as R5, water and tablets.

2.Apply open as a dealer shop. For those who are interested in being an independent businessman. For those who want to open a general store or dealer R5 water and tablet.

    3.Open a provincial warehouse center. For delivery It is the provincial treasury to distribute R5 water and pellets. Go to the district and district level.

1.R5 Certification quality products.

 Organic certification MTS, a contractor from the Department of Land Development. To expand the production of accelerated starch soup. 1, 2, 3, 6, 7.According to the Contract No. 11, August 11, 2009 and Contract No. 105/52, dated August 14, 2009 and the Board of Inspectors has already checked the job and is the person. Department of Land Development District 9 The river road to spread the disease is one of the fastest in the area, one of the most trusted part of many.

2.The company is in the government.

He was hired to treat garbage at the Bangkok Onnut Waste Disposal Center in 2005 and the expedition Department of Land Development, Phaholyothin Road, since 2006-present And production of microorganisms for agriculture to the Phang Nga Provincial Administration Organization. 2009 with experience and leadership in organic biological technology. So we have been trusted by many government agencies that allow us to be product manufacturers and developers.

3.Research and product development.

We research and develop our products continuously. We are currently sending r5 samples for trial abroad and the response is very satisfactory. Our products are high quality products. Guaranteed product quality with the customer. If using R5 rice paddy and follow the method we have been fully accurate, the rice is less than the original. Our company will provide free R5 product.

Products open new markets in Cambodia

    We will open the market in Malaysia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, in .. Who is interested in representing Inbox,,After we open market in Cambodia Complete the next country we will go is Malaysia, Laos,Myanmar,Vietnam ,Who interested please inbox me ,thank you 

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